Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winterizing the Garden

Since temperatures have become decidedly cooler, and the rain has returned for the duration, it's time to prep the beds for winter. I pruned the fuchsia and removed the larger call lily from the main plot. Also, I processed decomposing leaves through the chipper/shredder and produced a lightweight, fine compost that I distributing across the plot. What I really need to find now is burlap so that topsoil doesn't blow/wash away over the next few months.

As for the second plot...I have broccoli and spinach growing. I've transplanted the spinach evenly across the space to maximize the yield. It should be ready to pick within a few more weeks, depending on the weather.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn is Upon Us

As I write this I think back to how great this year has been for Seattle gardeners. The weather has been consistently warm/hot since early July (although, we could have used some more precipitation). The rats have all but disappeared, or been consumed by a ferret in the garden. And, my crops have produced record amounts of veggies, particularly the corn.

On another note, I have planted a fall crop of spinach and broccoli and hope to harvest both before the next hard frost (most likely in late November or early December). I've also planted a bunch of new perenials including: tulips (shown below), foxtail lily, hyacinth, scilla, and camassi. I've removed the summer lily and alstroemeria, and plan to dig up the larger calla lily.