Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Record-Breaking Temperatures

June (and now July) set some records for hot weather in the Seattle area. For the past several weeks the daily averages have been in the mid to high 80's, hitting 90 degrees in some spots. So, lots of perspiring and consuming of Frappuccinos. Yet, also, everything is growing like crazy (see pic below). I have begun harvesting my onions. The bush green beans are coming along and about to begin flowering. Also, I bought two bell pepper plants from Fred Meyer and planted them in the SE corner of my plot.

The corn is coming along nicely, about three-feet high so far. I have amended its soil with chicken manure and bonemeal, and water everything every other day. One challenge with the corn is keeping some of the stalks from falling/tipping over. My plot gets a fair amount of wind, which tends to blow things around. So, I have been supporting some stalks with short poles or stakes, and adding more soil at their bases.