Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer is Here

Temperatures this July (after three years) are finally back to realistic levels. Seattle has been consistently in the 70s and on occasion the 80's as well. Also, the rain has limited its appearance to every other week rather than every other day. As you can see above, my corn is finally hitting its stride and has yet to blow over from the infrequent windy days. Last year my corn blew over because the stalks were too tall and thin (lack of sunlight).

In other news, I've been picking and shelling peas like crazy, and eating the rest. My freezer now has a several-month supply of shelled peas. The cippolino onions were a bust. They got too much water the last couple of months and rotted. I managed to harvest a few that look edible. I'm going to plant some different onions later today that I picked up at Swanson's Nursery. The weather is warm enough by now they should fair better.