Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cyclamen Update - Summer 2011

Only two of my cyclamen species are in bloom and showing growth at the moment: purpurascens and intaminatum. The purpurascens I acquired at Swason's Nursery last year is the most developed and has already produced nearly a dozen flowers, as well as several new green leaves. Unfortunately, other leaves on this plant are yellowing and dying off. I believe this is due to overwatering. Which is odd, as I do not fell I have watered the plant enough to have this result. So, I am trying to let this particular plant go for weeks at a time unwatered, being careful to monitor it's condition. All of the growers I have spoken with say to only water when the soil is dry (which is hard to determine for a pot this big). Maybe I will need to do some research on getting a moisture meter. As for the purpurascens corm I purchased through Hansen's Nursery (OR), it has only produced a mere couple of leaves was just polking out of the top of the soil.
The intaminatum is also showing signs of growth (as seen above), with more new leaves still sprouting. I made the mistake earlier this year by adding too much water and lost all my existing leaves. Hence, I will be much more careful with future waterings.

Friday, July 8, 2011