Monday, March 19, 2012

First Planting of the Year

I was busy last weekend planting this year's first vegetables. I planted pre-soaked Alderman peas, spinach starts, and cipollino onions. Although the temperatures are still rather cool, the hellebore is in full bloom, and the first tulips are showing fantastic coolers. Also, I harvested all my broccoli in order to make room for the peas. I know that the erratic temperature fluctuations may kill/rot these plants, but I'm taking the risk. Peas really need to be in the ground in March, and Alderman's more so (they take around 95 days to mature. Typically, harvest them first week of July).

Last night, I got an inch of hail/snow at home in North Seattle. I'm hoping that Interbay, being closer to the water, fared better. Otherwise, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the warm daytime temperatures sustain everything.