Thursday, March 27, 2014

Operation "Leave My Peas Alone"

Earlier this week, before the rains came, I got outside and did what I could to keep my Dakota peas intact. I saved toilet paper tubes for the past six months. After cutting each tube in half I placed each one around a sprouted pea plant. Although I didn't have enough tubes for every seedling, many plants are accounted for. Afterwards, I placed remay over the planted area and held it down with anything nearby. Thus, I'm hoping that my efforts provide a modicum of protection against cutworms and birds.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Early Spring Vegetables

Last week I attended Seattle Tilth's March Edible Plant Sale. I was down in the Sodo District in the Pacific Market Center parking garage. I picked up spinach, broccoli, and onion (cipollini) starts. And, I finally got around to planting them all a couple of days ago. The temperature was decidedly chilly most of the past week.

As for my 'Dakota' peas...they're starting to sprout. They are still covered in remay to keep birds away. I plan to shield them in a couple of days with toilet paper tubes to deter cut worms. So, a half tube around each sprout and a remay cover should keep everything pretty well protected. When the peas grow beyond the length of the tubes they should be well enough established that  I can remove the remay.

As for the problem with rodents...they have been doing less damage lately. I get the impression there aren't many bulbs left to eat that are unsprouted.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Planting of the Year

Yesterday I planted 'Dakota' variety shelling peas (Territorial Seeds). The seeds were from 2011 so I hope they are still good enough that some of them sprout. I plan to plant a second crop of seeds (packed for 2014) in a couple of weeks. The temperature is getting warmer, but overnight temperatures are still a bit cool. Also, I don't have to water anything yet since it has been raining constantly for the past couple of weeks.