Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Vegetables

The temperatures are getting seriously warmer (around 80 degrees F.), and they are here for the duration. So, I prepped my soil and planted some pre-sprouted corn seeds (also, covered with remay so nothing eats the seeds).

Also I planted bean seeds (pre-soaked) a couple of weeks ago, and only a handful sprouted. I replanted more beans, but this time did not pre-soak. I am hoping the warmer temps will bring better results.

As for the other veggies...picked the last of the broccoli and plan to vacate Squatter's Bluff soon, and plan to transfer some of the soil I built up there. Finally, the second batch of peas is looking great, and I'll begin harvesting this coming week. This time around I just planted the sprouts directly from the plastic containers, and didn't separate out the plants. It would seem that every time I separate nursery-bought plants it weakens the plants. Anyway, not messing with the plants when transferring from containers appears to have better results.