Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Wet June

As June begins to wind down I'm still waiting for Summer to kick in completely. This month has had some great warm days (low 70's) with plenty of sun, but Seattle is currently inundated with cooler temps and plenty of rain. Thus, my onions are suffering. The corn is coming along nicely, but could definitely use more heat.

Fortunately, the peas are growing like crazy. I will probably begin harvesting the first ones within a week. Also, one of the aluminum support poles (far left in pic) broke off at ground level and I discovered a half-fallen trellis one afternoon. I have tried to butress the broken pole with two other ones, and have position more vertical poles behind the busiest growth in hopes that the pile of peas will remain upright. Also, one of my 8-foot steel poles (front corner) is starting to bend over from the weight of all the vegetation. Since the workable soil in this spot only extends down about 12 inches, I am unable to drive any support poles down as far as I'd like. I will continue to add compost each year to give the plot a few more inches of workable soil. Anyway, I have tried to provide some extra support to this pole with some anchored string. Hopefully this will help keep the pole from leaning over any more.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012