Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Winter Garden

The winter corner of my p-patch plot is coming along nicely. The hellebore are beginning to hit their stride, with just the 'Ivory Prince' yet to fully bloom. There is also a smattering of cyclamen coum nestled in the shade of the taller hellebore. The hundreds of tulips scattered around the plot have all broken through the soil, but will probably begin blooming in another month (in staggered succession).

On another note, one of my dicentra 'Burning Hearts' survived another Winter and shows signs of new growth. I've harvested the broccoli as much as possible, and disposed of the remainder, along with the spinach. I plan to plant new spinach from seed in a couple of days, as well as plant Alderman peas.

Note: pics were updated on 03/07/13


Monday, February 4, 2013

Seattle Arboretum - Winter Garden

I joined a tour the other day at the Seattle Arboretum. The property's winter garden is in bloom and in its prime.