Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Late Summer Blooms

So, we've made it to September and the excellent (aka warm and sunny) weather continues. A newscaster mentioned that we have had 45+ days without any form of precipitation so those warm-weather plants are thriving. I've just recently begun harvesting my second variety of corn and am pleased to discover full, edible kernels for all my efforts.

Furthermore, my collection of free cyclamen hederifolium corms (which died back completely last year) have sent up several square feet of flowers (see below). The makeshift remay sun barrier I erected certainly seems to help keep early day sun from blasting the area in question. At the very least, the barrier diffuses the full force of sunlight, and let's the plants thrive.

As for my other potted purpurascens is in full bloom. A couple of the other pots are hinting at recent signs of growth. I need to relabel all of the pots as everything was transplanted after the last disastrous windstorm knocked everything over (i.e., piles of shattered clay pots, soil, and corms).